Music has been a lifelong passion of mine, and I've been composing music for as long as I can remember. Except what once was writing songs about my friends not inviting me to their parties in middle school has now turned into writing many comedy musicals, concept albums, and random singles about whatever inspires me that day. Below you can check out some of the songs I've been working on!

Concept Albums

The Mutineers

The Mutineers is a concept album I have been working on about a group of middle schoolers who decide that in order to rebel against their parents they should commit as many felonies as possible but in the smallest way possible (ie. arson but instead of burning down a house they burn down a playhouse).

Songs from the album

This song is called "The Amber Night in June" and is the second song off the album. It is the inner thoughts of one of the main characters, Finn, as he first sees Blanche, the new girl in town who is also eventually going to be his parents' worst nightmare. 

Musical Theater

level: the musical

level is a musical I started writing during my senior year of high school and have been writing and re-writing ever since. The show is about unlikely friends who form a band to create musical propaganda to overthrow their small town's government. Some songs from the show are linked below.